Friday, March 30, 2012

1989 Specialized RockCombo For Sale

You may already know all of this, but for those who are unfamiliar with the RC:

The RockCombo was an early try at producing a do-everything bike...what eventually evolved into the hybrid bike, as we know it today.  It predated the iconic Bridgestone XO series by 3 years, but was a less than stellar sales success.  As such, it was only sold for one year.

I bought this one from a fellow in The Netherlands, as a frame and fork.  I had a Specialized headset in my parts stash, as well as a Specialized seat post QR.  The rest of the equipment is Shimano Deore (except the hubs, which are Shimano from the same era, but with no model name), plus Ultegra 7-speed bar-end shifters, DiaCompe aero brake levers, a basic one-piece seat post  and a SRAM 7-speed cogset. 

I even found some Deore pedals, a while back, to top it off.

The seat post and stem are extended for my 5'10" height.  I think the 18" frame would be better suited to someone an inch or two shorter.  The bike currently has 1.5: knobbies on it, because I was using it primarily as a commuter.  It has clearance for 2.0"+ tires.

I'm not a big fan of Dirt Drop bars, which were original to the bike, so I used these mustache-like On-One Mungo bars.

The paint has some wear (I spent hours touching it up, when I first got it), but the decals are all good.

I will sell the bike complete, minus the saddle, for $425.00 plus shipping (approximately $70.00 within the Continental U.S.), or I will sell the frame and fork for $300.00 plus shipping (approximately $50.00 ConUS).

If you are interested, shoot me an email at jjgrinder  msn com (you know the punctuation, I assume..), or if you are local call 303 916 5800.


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