Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bill's Bike

I got this bike, this week, a 60 cm (or 24 inch, as the Trek catalog refers to it) Trek 710, from 1981.  It was updated, sometime in the 1990s, from the looks of it.  The changes that have beed made are all the "upgrades" we did in the bike shop, for owners of older road bikes, back then.

Here it is just after I test-rode it, with the seat and bars set to my height (5'10").  Actually, now that I think about it, I had raised the seat, for this photo, because it looked stupid with the seat at my setting.  About half of the fluted part of the post was inside the tube, when I rode it.

Here it is with the  SR seat post and Nitto Technomic stem both at full extension, according to the factory markings.

SunTour indexable barcons...

controlling CX 9000 derailleurs rear...

and front.

The mtb derailleurs allow the use of this:

A Specialties TA crank set up as "half-step plus a granny" (50/44/28 teeth rings).

The crank arms even have the original dust covers on both sides.

There is an 8-speed Shimano cogset (note the Shimano dropout, as well)...

mid-90s Shimano 105 hubs...

laced to Mavic Open 4 CD hard-anodized rims.  That is a nice wheelset, from back in the day!

Tange headset is probably factory stock.

The cro-mo Tange fork is not.

Old-school Trek headtube bade and pantographed seatstay caps.  (Too bad the Reynolds 531 tubing sticker is damaged.  That can be replaced, though...)

Single-pivot Gran-Compe brakes could be improved upon.

The aero-style, perforated Dia-Compe levers are fine, though.

They are mounted a 42 cm...

flared SR World Ranonneur bar.

The frame was Proudly made in...

Unfortunately, the bike is just too big for me.  Fortunately, Bill is looking for a Rando rig.  So, this bike is heading to the Great Midwest, before long.  I hope it gets a lot of happy miles (kilometers, I guess I guess, in a rando context) piled onto it!