Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Present

Mike, at work, wanted a bike for his daughter to ride at college. I've had this pink Univega frame set sitting around for 2 or 3 years, waiting for me to get inspired to build it.  So, I showed it to him, and Mike gave me the thumb's up to build it.

He likes the Performance Dartmouth tires which I put on the bike I built for him, a while back, so I went with them on this bike, as well.

The handlebars, stem, headset, seat post, brakes and levers are all stock to the frame.  The wheels and drivetrain came from a pre-Trek Gary Fisher that I got from Mark, recently.

 The brake pads, WTB women's saddle and Wellgo platform pedals are all new.  The bike rides great, and I think it will serve Mike's daughter well.  I hope she likes it as much as I do.

I actually almost sold this frame as a fixed gear, a couple of years ago, but the buyer wanted me to have it stripped and powder-coated.  I refused to do it, because I love the pink bikes, and he ended up not buying a bike from me.  I still have no regrets about that...


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photo Archive

Cross-post from Two Wheels:

Check out the Grinderbikes Photo Archive (it's in the blog list, to the right).  I loaded the rest of the photos from the Grinderbikes website, which should disappear in about a week.

I will work on some descriptions and anecdotes about some of the builds, as time goes by.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

DiamondBack Voyager II Cruiser Conversion

Built this up for the wife of a buddy at work.  More pictures and details here.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liberia Singlespeed

The little 49cm Liberia went home with a gal, today, as a birthday present from her boyfriend.  Grant bought my Raleigh Sprite/Clubman project, which was too big for me, last year and emailed me looking for a bike for his girl, earlier this week.

I swapped the the drop bars for one of the original Bridgestone Arc Bars (from a 1993 XO-3), installed a basket and converted the drivetrain to a singlespeed set-up.

I thought the white grips and seat gave it a bit of flair.  Some vintage mismatched tourist levers control the Mafac Racer brakes.

Here it is without the basket and kickstand, for those who appreciate the more streamlined look.


Friday, March 12, 2010

49cm Liberia Road Bike For Sale -SOLD (see post above)

I just picked this early-70s French bike up, today.  It is a Liberia, a brand I've never heard of and can find little info on.  It has a 49cm seat tube, 54cm top tube and a stand-over height of 30-3/4 inches.

It has a pretty odd mix of parts (which appear, with the exception of the tires, saddle and bar wrap, to be original).  Lyotard pedals on a cottered crank...

Nylon-bodied Simplex derailleurs (in good working condition)...

But, the wheels have quick-release hubs and alloy rims.

It has been recently overhauled, from the looks of things, and everything is in good working order.  I rode it around a bit, after adjusting the squeal out of the Mafac racer brakes.
Unfortunately the model name is illegible.  It is "Type Somethingoranother".

The rest of the graphics are in pretty good shape.  I love the logo on the fork leg.

Olympic rings on the seat tube.

Down tube.

Head tube.

I have a set of tourist (upright) bars with brake levers on them, out in the shop building, if someone would rather not have the drop bars.  I think it would be a cool little city/campus/commute bike with the tourist bars.

Somewhere around a hundred bucks, depending on what you want.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Miyata Six-Ten on eBay - SOLD

As part of the deal on the Six-Ten that Mark got from me, he agreed to list it's near-twin on eBay for me. With all of the stuff that's been going on this week, I forgot to post the link to the auction, until now.

Of course, it's Superbowl Sunday, and the auction ends right in the middle of the game, so I'm not really thinking of this as a marketing move. Just thought you might be interested in seeing how it ends up.

Right now, it's sitting at $230.00, after 9 bids.

Look HERE.