Friday, March 12, 2010

49cm Liberia Road Bike For Sale -SOLD (see post above)

I just picked this early-70s French bike up, today.  It is a Liberia, a brand I've never heard of and can find little info on.  It has a 49cm seat tube, 54cm top tube and a stand-over height of 30-3/4 inches.

It has a pretty odd mix of parts (which appear, with the exception of the tires, saddle and bar wrap, to be original).  Lyotard pedals on a cottered crank...

Nylon-bodied Simplex derailleurs (in good working condition)...

But, the wheels have quick-release hubs and alloy rims.

It has been recently overhauled, from the looks of things, and everything is in good working order.  I rode it around a bit, after adjusting the squeal out of the Mafac racer brakes.
Unfortunately the model name is illegible.  It is "Type Somethingoranother".

The rest of the graphics are in pretty good shape.  I love the logo on the fork leg.

Olympic rings on the seat tube.

Down tube.

Head tube.

I have a set of tourist (upright) bars with brake levers on them, out in the shop building, if someone would rather not have the drop bars.  I think it would be a cool little city/campus/commute bike with the tourist bars.

Somewhere around a hundred bucks, depending on what you want.


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