Sunday, October 18, 2009

Metisse Is Gone

Click for big, and you should be able to see the nice Exage Mountain rear shifter, which matches the rear derailleur.

I slightly re-specced the Ghetto bike and listed it on craigslist at a reduced price, along with a novel-length description of the bike and the build process. After having listed it twice, and having 10 people make appointments to come see it (yet, no one ever showed up), I was anxious to make it clear that this bike was a bargain at the price, and a nice-riding bike at any cost.

It sold in two hours, to a really cool guy named James. James and his girlfriend just moved here, after having lived in Prague for years, and he had no transportation. A short train ride and a half-mile walk got him to my house, and he rode away on the bike, apparently happy as a clam with it.

I kinda hate to see it go. It was the longest-lived of my commuters, and I thought it made a cool cross bike. But, I am trying to raise funds for a new project, and I need some quick cash. So, things are getting sold...

The changes to the bike: I set it up with a 6-speed freewheel (rather than the freehub wheel which was on it), and mounted a nicer 6-speed indexed shifter so that I could dial the shifting in. Removing the Dura-Ace hubbed wheel cut my cost, and allowed the reduction in price.

Different rear wheel...


Rat Trap Press said...

That is a cool bike. I'm going to have you build something up for me one day. Maybe I could use that as an excuse to take a trip out to Colorado.

Jon said...

Sounds good. Come on out.