Friday, August 7, 2009

A Cool Coffee Shop Bike for Melissa

I just built up this Nishiki for a coffee shop friend of mine, Melissa. I originally picked the bike up to strip the alloy fenders off, so I could send them to my sister for her Nishiki mixte. (Joy's mixte will eventually be on the Mixte Gallery. Keep your eyes open.)

I showed this bike to Melissa, sans fenders, and she wanted it. I had the n.o.s. Schwinn fenders still wrapped in plastic, and I told Melissa that I could paint them black, or silver if she wanted. She said no, the blue looked nice with the yellow, especially with the gold pinstripes.

So, I went to the hardware store and got some stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers to mount the fenders. Then, I shined up the chrome rims, cleaned up the rusty chrome chainguard as well as I could with aluminum foil and lemon juice, replaced the cables (and installed the snazzy blue housing to match the fenders), tuned it up and wrapped the handlebar grip areas with blue cork.

New tires and tubes rounded out the build.

I like it. It rides nice, and has a great bit of character (dig the shifter-mount bell!) and will beat the hell out walking or driving the 3/4 mile from Melissa's place to Kaladi Bros.



Doohickie said...

The blue grips tie the fenders into the bike perfectly. A little accent of color goes a long way. Great looking bike!

Dottie said...

Such a cute bike! I love that you call it a coffee shop bike. Sweet.