Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mixte For Sale-SOLD

PRICE: $3oo.oo (plus $55.00 shipping within the Continental U.S.)
Model: Panasonic Sport 1000
Dimensions: 48 cm seat tube
55.5 cm effective top tube length
24 inch standover height (immediately in front of the saddle nose)
29 lbs. with kickstand

Click the pictures for a larger view...
In this picture, the seat height is set to my riding position. I am 5'10" tall, and it would work fine for me.
This picture shows the lower limit of the seat height, appropriate for someone around 5 feet tall, or so.

One of the great things about mixtes is the flexibility of sizing. It is not necessarily appropriate to follow the same guidelines as you do on a standard frame. Some ladies who are the same height as me might run out of seat post adjustment, due to a longer leg:body ratio. But most people within the 5 feet to 5'10" range would be able to ride this bike, just fine.

The bars, in this position, give the bike a somewhat "sportier" look than standard, without putting you in an extreme "aero" position. They can easily be flipped, if your tastes run that way. I call this the "Pathracer" look.

The tires are 27"x1-3/8" cyclocross-style knobbies, mounted on alloy UKAI rims. They are ideal for sandy bike lanes, dirt roads and unpaved paths.

MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals connect your feet to the Sugino crank. The 12 speed drivetrain provides a wide range of gears.

Cork grips, and wine cork shift lever pads (each with a coating of honey shellac to protect from moisture), along with vintage tourist brake levers give the cockpit a classic air.
The price of $300.00 is for the bike, as built. Modifications can be made, at extra expense.


frankenbiker said...

Love the cork shifters!I didn't notice that on the other blog.Now just put some chrome or silver fenders on it with a cork spacer down at the chainstay bridge.I also agree with Charlotte,silver stem -other than that lovely bike Jon.

Erich said...

Beautiful! I'm thinking about buying this for the wife, just want some more details. What's the weight of the complete bike, does it have room for fenders with the 27 inchers on there, and how does the paint look? In the photos, the paint looks real nice. Lemme know.


Jon said...


I will have to weigh the bike when I get home from work. On a bike like this, I never even think to weigh them on my own.

Fenders would be tight with the knobby tires. Swapping to 1-1/4" inch road-style would make plenty of room. I have a plan for some cool fenders which would work with these tires, but I didn't want to push the price up any higher.

Email me, and I'll go into more detail, if you are interested.

The paint is in good shape. Nice and shiny with a minimum of nicks and scratches. I can post some close-ups, if you need.

reverend dick said...

Why, you tricky ___________. The clamshell shifters are hella sweet on their own. The cork is genius.